Oct 09, 2019

Coordination of ECD Interventions

TECDEN is Working in collaboration with the Government through the Ministry of Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) – Child Development Department – (CDD); In December, 2018 TECDEN and MoHCDGEC organized a Multisectoral ECD stakeholders Forum; Over 120 stakeholders from different domains across the country attended the meeting; Formed a Taskforce of individuals from key ECD Ministries, MDAs and Non- state Actors. A total of 24 members ; TECDEN was tasked to identify the Non-State Actors into the Taskforce; and Developed a ToR for the Taskforce

Composition of ECD Taskforce

The Taskforce objective is to coordinate the development of National Multisectoral ECD Plan. The composition of the team members is as follows: Government representative (10 members) Led by MoHCDGEC- CDD: Key ECD Ministries (MoEST, MoF, MoHA, PO-RALG, PMO. Non-State Actors (14 members) led by TECDE: Development Partners ( 3), National NGOs ( 4), International NGOs (6), Universities/Academic (1) . The first ECD Taskforce meeting was conducted on 21th -22th May, 2019 in Dodoma .

Haliharisi ya vituo vya kulelea watoto wadogo mkoa Kilimanjaro

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