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Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN) seeks to see Tanzania where all infants and young children have their rights and needs met to enable their development to full potential by the year 2025 and beyond.    To achieve this, TECDEN has a mission  to work  in partnership  with other  networks, coalitions, institutions and like minded  stakeholders   to influence policies,  programmes and practices related to Early Childhood Development (ECD) by sharing information, experiences and generating knowledge and understanding on ECD  and  influence  change  towards  early investments in young children 0-8 years  at all levels in Tanzania.

The result areas include:  Research; Capacity Building; ECD awareness raising;  and Management  with Strategic Objectives that include:
1: To inform realities on issues and needs of young children through Quality Researches and documentation
2: To Enhance TECDENs’ capacity to effectively contribute to improving the situation of young children.
3: To Influence and monitor policies and practices to better address the rights and needs of young children
 4: To strengthen Organizational and Institutional Capacity of the network  


For more information about the strategy click here to download

TECDEN Brochure: Click here to download


TECDEN developed an Information Park which is acollection of varous information drawn from differrnt sources of data covering five thermatical areas of Early Learning, Parenting and Early Stimulaton, Nutrition, Health and Protection. It is in Kiswahili. For more infomation please download it here. An English version will be uploaded soon after updating and translation the current.



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